14/09/1993******* My simplicity is complex. I’m aggressive, I have to be. I have no dad,and suprise suprise, team “No Daddy Issues” here. Studying my BA in Advertising and PR. I know and understand money, but I know the value of hard work. Faith,love,and ambition is what I have. Believe me when I say I’m unbreakable . Just an African girl on the go to introduce herself to the world. Competitor in Debate and Public Speaking Competitions.I am definitely getting there, so take the journey with me……………….but before that, here’s #20FactsAboutMe

1)I’m ambidextuous:both left & right handed
2)I have a fear of being skinny. #curves
3)I ♡ junk food & exercising:crazy combo #stayfit
4)I tend to be a LITTLE too honest & even suprise myself w/ the things that come out of my mouth
5)I’m addicted to→cleaning & working on projects
6)No sugar in any of my hot beverages #NoDietThough
7)I ♡ Marine men,Army men,Policemen, & Soldiers.#marine #fitjunkies
8)I have 5piercings.1 set was done at a shop,1 set by a friend, & 1 piercing on my own #ninjas
9)I ♡ sleeping on the floor! WEIRD
10)I am all for interracial relationships ☆ #swirl #noracism ☆
11)I ♡ making fun of people who have uneven eyes or crooked teeth YET I have both.No its not an insecurity,I just like the shock on their faces #priceless
12)Fav movie? The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)…
13)Shoe addict,bought 4pairs for my 21st bday.
14)I don’t eat pork.I used to though,& I’m proudly #Christian…
15) I don’t ♡ my 1st name but i don’t mind people calling me by it:Munashe…it’s more of a boyish name;not the reason why I don’t like it
16)I can swim but NO ONE believes me(not even my BFF @tavha.mak )until i actually get into the water #nodrowning 17)I’m actually really loud & naggy irritating once I’m comfy w/ you ,although APPARENTLY I pass off as being hostile & cold #AllLies
18)Fav food→pizza,burger,chicken,sea food.
19)As a kid I had tantrums & breakdowns :(,so I avoid confrontations at all costs 🙂 #BecauseImHappy
20)I chose #PR the day I was actually applying for Uni & did the ‘ini mini miny mo’ thing. I don’t regret it,best decision everrr!!

Love always

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