Friendships and Sluts

Hoe hoe hoe

How did people get the right to define us?I have one of those beautiful but at times crazy friendships with one of my bestfriends here, and simply put, she is not a bad person, but because she has a fat butt, that alone, just the big butt, she has been slut shamed to the core. Literally because she has a big butt, and you might argue that I’m not always with her so how do I know what she really gets up to? Pssht get yourself some friends, okay? Even if you don’t know what they do half the time, you definitely know their hearts and their characters.

When did having a big butt, whether natural or not, automatically label a person as a slut. Is it because people try to get with them and are turned down? So, I have a butt that’s literally just perfect. I mean, I’m not being cocky here (I am ,sorry), but my butt is just perfectly big for me, but fortunately for me I have had a bit of a serious “I’m too focused” attitude in Bangkok, but back in Cyprus, I did turn one guy down and after that he slut shamed me so much I got sick from hearing my own rumours and my then best friend even stopped talking to me because she couldn’t be associated with a person who had that type of reputation. Fair enough.

So this was the story, literally 3 years ago. One guy and I got talking, and I hadn’t quite got the hang of how things work in Cyprus. The whole “If she is a barmaid then she is most likely a hoe,” My bad! Got to like the guy genuinely, so fast forward to the sexual advances, and I’m not talking making out. I mean home run here, I turned him down. I guess me turning him down just like that wasn’t part of his plan. squints eyes and looks from side to side. That was all it took for him to start telling people that I did infact screw him and that I was sleeping around. I’m lowkey glad his life sucks right now and he is trying so hard with this Instagram modelling life. Once, he came to my workplace after the hoe rumours started, and he aggressively pulled my hair back like beech, are you kidding me? His own friends told him to “chill” and that was the best defense I got and I just wanted to pull his balls from him, instead I just cried when I got home. So freaking defenseless then.

So automatically a woman qualifies to be a slut if she has a big butt or if she turns a man down for sex? That’s what it is? That’s how it works? If she likes to party then she’s automatically labelled? How does this work? I’m curious, because I have been working too much for the past year and a half I haven’t really caught up on why we are slut shamed when a sexual advance is turned down or even a date itself. I can’t imagine someone trailing behind my back here in Bangkok and calling me a slut. I already see how it has affected my friend, and I’ve already had that experience but can’t imagine having that experience now. Issa lie, I would show that person a hoe slap now that I do defend myself. At some point, we’ve got to stop the hoe shaming because at times, unfortunately, it even comes from people we call ” friends”………


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