WOMAN_ A Wiser and Organised Man

I came across this statement that a woman is simply a wiser and more organised version of a man, hence the (W) iser(O)ganised) MAN aspect of it all.

I’m proud of an initiative I have started and hopefully it grows with each coming year no matter where I will be in the world. The first Stamford International Women’s Day workshop was held at my university and I planned it and hosted it. I put in my all and that is one thing I am proud of, not just because I can add this event to my CV but because I am slowly making that move to make life better for women and girls who have grown up in my shoes.

Recap in case this is the only post you will ever know me by. I’m 23, lost my dad 9 years ago and lost everything, lost all the assets he had, lost family as they turned away from me, lost my education at that time as I had to drop out of school eventually. I lost it, I lost it completely. 9 years ago I had nothing left for me in my home country ,but today I have worked my butt off to be where I am as a Laureate Ambassador to 80 universities globally and an advocate and ambassador to education. Women can do it! Women were created to succeed and to uplift others. I think I can look at myself and say the rest of my life is dedicated on seeing that girls get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams no matter their background. I don’t come from some rich family, heck, I mean it when I say I worked my butt off and I still am doing so, and so many girls have to give up their education and future prospects because they are seen as individuals who don’t count and who are simply a burden. We are not a burden. We give life and create life in different ways. Some do it by giving birth, some do it by raising children they take on as their own, others do it my mentoring. Women give life. I am proud to be one myself and I am proud we  have a day to honour our hard work and achievements.

I wish all women happiness and success. Whether that happiness is in your business or in the moments you get to sip your cup of coffee before bed or in watching your kids sleep. I wish you all happiness ladies.


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