When Can You Move On?

It’s a question I have, but I’m going to sign off with some sense of awkwardness. Let me explain-ish first….

So,the love of my life is no longer the love of my life ( I think, I mean, I don’t know, but you get the point, he’s not in my life in that sense anymore which pretty much sucks meatballs because he was my best friend before). Anyway, there was one guy who was literally and I mean LITERALLY an acquaintance. Not even a friend, and I would always just casually comment his funny posts on facebook ( darn you facebook) and then he found his way into my inbox literally days after the love of my life had told me that he didn’t see a future with me. ( Gosh why do I keep repeating that statement on how he sees no future with me?) So this guy was in my inbox, that’s how it goes these days really. We started talking and eventually he didn’t take time to ask if I was with anyone,and obviously I can say ” No, I’m not with anyone.”

So  at that point I started to like him because funny thing is ( or maybe not so funny) when the love of my life had started acting up on me , I always joked to my best friend here in Bangkok that if I ever dated anyone from my university, it would be that guy who ended up messaging me. Odd, right ? I didn’t say anything to anyone about him for a bit, even my friends, even if it was just a crush because I had to ask “When can you move on from the last person you were genuinely in love with ?”

I did get my fair share of backlash from the friends who were clearly devoted to the idea of me always being in love with the last guy and it was too much for them to firstly accept that he was no longer in my life, but that I already liked someone soon after was too much for them. My reassurance to them? No, I don’t like the new guy on the same level as the love of my life, that’s the truth. Let’s be real, the love of my life was also my best friend for over a year before I had fallen for him and I had known him since I was 20 ( I’m hitting 24 in September. Can I graduate Uni already!!!). No, we shouldn’t even be comparing any guy to my old best friend slash love of my life (slash one of the most gorgeous Jordanians you will ever meet in your life.What? Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the good looks just because I could push him under a bus if I had the chance). Another reasoning…..no, I’m not going to hold on to some ” What if he realises that I’m the shih and he needs me” blah blah blah. No thank you, not at my table.At my table we move on. So I basically fell for another guy less than a month from the time I had been told off byt he lvoe of my life. By moving on I don’t mean the new guy and I are official or even made out. Gosh,read the next post and see how much of a disaster this has been haha. I don’t like him anymore. Dont! Don’t do that facial expression on me.

But really, when is it a good time to move on without looking like you are having a rebound? By the way, I’m the type of person who completely gets done with people. One of those ” if we are done then we are done” , so my crush on the new guy was not a rebound setting. It’s a terrible trait though and I need to join a Bible study group to change that. So, can I say I have completely moved on from the Jordanian? Pssht, who cares.

Starts drinking mocktail


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