My War With Men Crushes

Well, not all men, but give me a minute or seven to type this out real quick as I’m in the middle of having a mocktail. I’m a changed person so I won’t say anything controversial nor from the top of my head. Lol, that was a joke.

Now, I had a new crush from around end of January , nothing special there minus the little fact that this was less than a month after the love of my life had told me he sees no future with me. Sorry guys, I’ll just have to stick to calling him that because I can, but it’s out of reflex really. I had a 5 min therapy session between now and the last post where I was asking why I still refer to him as the love of my life. It’s reflex,and if you come at me with that ” You’re still in love with him” crap I will remove your hairline. Try me. Oh, sorry, I’m a changed person…

Now back to the story, so I was now liking this guy, and for once in my  life I was liking a guy who’s older than me. I have this issue as a small person that I always meet younger guys by a year or 2, and I have to work with that most times even though they will be mentally mature, but we could never fully credit men as being mature, that’s too far fetched. So I was now liking this guy pretty much you know, and because I’m a straight shooter with a mouth that has no filter, I kept it real. Real talk you know. Mature conversations and very intellectual if we can automatically excuse the mention of the eggplant and peach emojis that is. Then your crush there ( he’s now your crush because I’m done with him), well, he started replying me slowly and at intervals. Listen! I know I’m winning as an independent record breaking and setting woman ( hey strong woman .heart emoji), but that doesn’t mean I don’t want attention too. I’m a cutie pie at heart and very soft if we ignore my hood upbringing and ability to punch people. I’m like any other girl on that one, I need attention from a guy that I like, but oops, this guy didn’t even wait to get past the 3 months trial period, he only made it past the 5 week period. He has such a stupid crazy schedule and his excuse for never replying me was the he would be busy, like gerrara here, I am always busy but I make time to rant on this blog, do Empower Women reports, events, and get good grades on top of my university responsibilities.I make time for my people, and so after that, I revoked his Man Crush Card.

The good thing though is that I’ve realised that my next man has to be like a plumber or the guy who prints at the printing shop or the vet you know. I don’t want someone who is too busy, AND YES, BEECH I will still respect my man even if I have the crazy workforce networking titles. I just want someone who actually replies the darn message haha. That’s my war. Back to my mocktail that I’m about to mix with a shot of…never mind.


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