No More Blogging

I have debated.Back and forth. Then round and round. Then back and forth again. The conclusion…….

I will nolonger be blogging as from after my birthday in September. Well, atleast not on this site. I mean seriously, I haven’t blogged in the past few months due to work that has kept me overwhelmed and busy, but now that I’m slowly starting to get time to blog again, I realise how I think I need to start a new blog. Catch this.

I started this blog almos 4 years ago when I had moved to Cyprus and I needed to be able to write it all down outside of my lanky girl next door diary. At the same time, I was only 19 and naive, very naive ( all the evidence is seen in the guys I have wrongly been involved with, but now that I say that,okay never mind). So, I am nolonger that girl. That girl had dreams, and she needed to find her feet. She was also clearly learning how to be a savage and a petty princess. I am now this woman( sort of, I guess, I don’t know), this young lady who is somewhere between her first and 3rd year in Bangkok aftr making a drastic move, I am Student council Co- president, Laureate Ambassador, the titles go on and on, and that person is nowhere near the girl that started this blog.

Here is my offer. I have no idea which friends and fake friends creep on my blog but because I have always used this blog to “write to myself”, the honesty tea pot is always being stirred from morning till evening, so that is what I will serve you all here until 15 September. So ,no more blogging on this site from then. I can’t tell you when I will get back to blogging after September, and on which site, but it will happen eventually. Eventually



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