Fake Friends…….

I’ve never complained about fake friends…

There is so much irony in my openness, even though I readily share my experiences with literally everyone.

I share and i speak and I do it especially on this platform because as human beings we go through things that aren’t always pleasant and we have to learn to deal with it positively.

Life isn’t always about edited pics, December road trips, joyous moments and Facebook worthy memories.

I however realise that not everyone deserves to hear every detail.

There are friends, strangers, people I’ve never met or acquaintances I had brief encounters with, whom I will tell all because I know they will give me constructive feedback or they will pick up their phone or send a text to someone else they know to seek expert advice on my behalf…

And there are people I will not tell a thing offline because I realise they’ve never been interested in helping or aiding me in anyway. They’ve never offered moral support even if they don’t do anything to change my situation.

For a lot of people it is simply about knowing what is going on in your life so they can have something to gossip about when they meet mutual friends, mutual acquaintances or sit down with both of yall’s colleagues.

We should all be able to discern who good friends are, people who will meet us in our need, friends aren’t always people who we spend all our time with or people we ‘enjoy’ with, they are people who will stand in the gap for us, who will make effective changes to our situation or send up a sincere and heartfelt prayer so God gives us strength…

When we make this discernment, we are able to trust only those who can offer us support and real help and not feel betrayed when others have scandalously shared our stories with yet another person who can do nothing to bring effective changes to our situation, except laugh and gasp at it…

By Zelda Naibas ( my friend, sister and amazing Mama)


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