Superwoman Kit

This is literally how I got through 2016 after many accusations of working too much ( if you won’t call me ” lazy” or one of those women who will work their way to the top by being on their knees if you know what I mean)

1)Breathe….the4n cry : I am such a super cry baby on my own you know. I don’t cry in public or even show a hint of being in a terrible state or bad mood. I can show you that I’m tired, but not in a bad mood. So I learnt that on the long days, I need to cry on my own then …

2) Eat that darn ice-cream thick tinkerbell: I have the right to call myself thick because for my standards I have gained weight and I am proud. Took me the whole year, about time you know! I love ice cream when I’m happy and when I am sad. Basically, I love ice-cream.

3)Read a book: or listen to music. Simple.

4)Milk-tea: I think it’s an Asian addiction and I love it. The way I love milk tea is really unrealistic. Drink something to make yourself relax and I’m not talking of alcohol otherwise I would mention wine over here.

5)Cooking: Amidst all that madness of writing reports and doing 3 projects at the same time , I love to cook and I think I am seriously a 6 out of 10 now.

6) My momma’s prayers” Those have gotten me through so much my entire life.

7) Be positive


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