My Humanitarian Milkshake & The Boys

10325703_689007894479867_1685029547307888131_n* Clears throat* Well well well, look at what hard work is starting to bring in my DM and in my Messenger shaking my head. Before we continue, I love these pants and they’re over 2 years old but I’ve put them back in the suitcase now that I know all the $3 thrift shops and have more clothes than I can wear.

Back to the story… so I recently posted this year’s achievements and titles in a Facebook status out of being grateful by the way, not to be cocky, and even acknowledged my lovely best friend and love of my life who is now too busy and expensive to reply my messages(savage). The post didn’t get your boring catlady 12 “Likes”, literally triple digit. Anyway, ” Likes” are not an achievement in life unless you’re a thot, so here is where the story really is…….

“How come you never reply my messages?”

” Hey girl! Wanna reply my messages?”

insets swear words such as duck you you female dog , you think you are the *inserts dog poop word for not replying messages

……These are the type of messages this entire year that I got from random guys who felt they had the right to demand my online attention before they ask for nudes or whatever it is men are into. Now, the same people and fresh faces too are spamming my Messenger with messages on how we should catch up and * dog poop*. Okay , I’ve had people call me a workaholic and I’ll always defend this and I’ll say it for the rest of my life. I will always have to work hard. Jokes aside. I don’t come from the pretty side of town. I come from the part of society that would make you vomit and make you angry if you knew some of the day I’ve quietly dealt with without uttering a word even to my mother ( Oh oh! small people anger issues get deep when ” mother” is dragged in this.Run!)  I’ll always have to go the extra mile because I see too many videos online of my sistas twerking it and showing a nipple or two and I don’t want to be valued based on that. I have to go the extra mile because some of my sistas my age make it clear as day that they want a man for financial security and I never want a man to think I’m with his already annoying butt for money ( Men , you’re naturally annoying but we love you still). I have to go the extra mile because I support myself. I feed myself. I clothe myself. I pay my own bills( even when I’m long overdue haha. I’m in uni, forgive me).

So I genuinely laughed when I suddenly started getting people messaging me wanting to catch up when they had told me off for being who I am to begin with. As I get older, I’m more in love with raising up women  and girls, and celebrating women for their achievements. I literally get satisfied from helping women and girls ( Life goal is that you ?) and so I’m genuinely proud of all my responsibilities and titles and I’m laughing off the numerous messages I am now getting because of this humanitarian milkshake.

Lesson learnt: hard work pays off, and now I’m enjoying blocking a few people on my social apps. Ooops, ice-cream is finished. I am out, but one thing. MEN: learn to support your women, whether it’s your sister, mother, aunt, girl who put you in the family zone,girlfriend, wife: learn to support them and believe in them. That’s all they need sometimes. Well, that’s all I need xx


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