My Obsessions. My Happiness.My Sanity

cropped-wpid-img_134414848872198.jpegLIBRARIES AND BOOKS: I am typing this from a library, and on my days of feeling low, I go to a library. My parents taught me the love of books,and without books and writing, I’m only a portion of a human being. I can spend the entire day at the library because it brings me peace. I was born in the wrong generation ,clearly.

PIZZA: I get torn between which one I love the most. Pizza, burger, or seafood,and I love all three, but pizza wins. I remember having an operation (again) when I was almost 6 and for three consecutive days, all I ate was pizza and I felt better after. My dad made so much fun of me , but screw it, pizza speaks to me haha. Two days before my dad died, we also went for pizza in his mercedes, and that was just perfect for me. My original king and pizza. Perfect combo.

MERCEDES BENZ: I’m obsessed with this car. I’m not a car girl, believe me,but I know my way around a Mercedes and how that machine is a miracle on wheels. My dad (yes, back to him again) loved his white Mercedes C class, and I remember I was so proud of him as a man, as a father, and as my person. I just fell in love with the interior and how that car doesn’t need changing of its oil as often as other cars and it’s deemed a sports car as well and yet so classy. Have you seen the car rims of a Mercedes? Don’t talk to me if you haven’t. I’m joking. I’m joking, don’t take me too personal, but really, one of my goals in life is to drive around with a guy and eat pizza in the car. Weird

MY PEOPLE: Despite the attitude, mahn I’m a full time 100% loving person to the point I’m obsessed with my loved ones. I want to know what they did that day and what they ate and if they saw anything boring, interesting, or weird that day. Like, what type of toothpaste to they use in case I want to use it as well. I’m obsessed with loving my mom and being there for her, which can be hard to believe since I don’t speak of her but it’s because I do my best to protect her. I’m so obsessed with the story of how she kept me during her pregnancy yet she had a high risk of dying because of the pregnancy and I had literally no chance of surviving. ( Watch me twerk my way to success with a book in my hand cause I’m alive and I’m kicking it with a smile on my face even on the crappy days.The twerking is for fun by the way, not a profession incase we kinda lost each other for a second there.)

MEN WITH BEARDS: No explanation needed. Non at all, beards make me shiver with excitement. All jokes aside, I don’t get it either.

HUMANITARIAN WORK: I have said it before and I will say it again and in caps lock so that you can feel my energy. SOME GIRLS ARE GETTING MARRIED AT 15 OR YOUNGER BECAUSE THEY COME FROM POOR FAMILIES, and I could easily have been one of those girls especially since I grew up without a father, and yet I have so much to offer. I want to change that for a lot of girls. Their potential reigns and should outshine all obstacles even if money isn’t falling at their feet. I’m obsessed with making sure I become a better  young lady so that I give other ambitious girls the opportunities I have had.

RED WINE AND BIKINIS:I once drank wine in the shower……….I know, my morals can be a 3.5 sometimes ,and I grew up travelling with my dad so much, best spot was Mauritius and I fell in love with swimwear then even though I was flat-chested then. Haven’t looked back since, and these obsessions give me sanity and happiness. I am blessed all the way


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  1. I loved this post, I get so moved by happy parent-child relationships and your attitude to life because of what your mother had to go through to give birth to you is so uplifting.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and nothing makes me happier than to know this was a good read for you. Best of Wishes x

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