Running My Race

I am partially blind, and I am now fully convinced that contributed greatly to my taste in guys the last year, but let’s not start a debate. I just had to defend my single status which I try so hard to avoid mentioning not because I’m not proud of it (Yani I go to bed knowing that no one is cheating on my behind. Good enough for me for now) Anyway, I know that very soon your newsfeed will be flooded with people’s resolutions and what they learnt in 2015 . I decided to do that a little early just to give you a good laugh maybe, or shed a fake tear or two. Whatever floats your boat. Here are my Lessons Learnt in 2015:

  • travel, even if you’re broke!

Living example over here! Not ashamed because I know one day this will let me testify on a greater scale (someone shout “Amen” even if you don’t want to) Travel. Even if it’s in your country and your budget is tighter than mine, which is rare, I know,trust me.  You learn by living your life,and I was so scared and had had people fill me with doubt for moving countries, but once I started getting up on my feet in Bangkok, I knew I had made the right decision for me.

  • make decisions for you

Make them for you alone at some point, without hurting others. I think there are people who made decisions in their lives, both my old friends and family, without thinking of how that would change me or affect me. I had friends who believed the crappiest ( I just withheld my mouth from being a potty mouth right there) rumours about me. I don’t mind the rumours. I mind who believes them. I had friends whom I needed at certain times but they forgot I exist, and that’s okay as well. It broke me because I had made everything about me based on my love for them, and so I had to learn what it is to make decisions for myself, and moving was basically the most positive amazing move though I swear I was on a forced diet the first week I got here (that budget I mentioned before haha).

  • do the unthinkable

Don’t break the law though, that’s not what I mean. One amazing crazy memory I have of Cyprus was when I had finished work with my workmate and we chilled after work with some guys and then went down to the harbour with some Zimbabweans that we met along the way. I can’t get into that detail because that will basically expose all things university socialites get involved in haha. Nothing illegal!!! Just saying. We met more people at the harbour who were in groups, and yes, I met a cross dresser who wore heels and rocked them better than me. Still recovering from that, and I got out of the car through the window when I thought I was stuck in the car but the door was literally open. I got home at 9am.

  • learn to forgive, learn to let go

I have never tried to make it a secret that I’m not a favourite with my dad’s family  although I don’t feel it’s my place to get into details because that basically puts others on the line. Forgiveness. I learnt that I have so much love to give and no heartbreak nor disappointment could ever change that. I’m honest when I say I could have an old friend walk into my life right now, or dad’s relative, and I wont even look at our old chapter because to those who are profound to their different types of faith/religion, forgiveness is also required. Do yourself a favour and forgive people. I’m sure you have wronged others and need to be forgiven as well.

  • I am forever and always, my mother’s daughter

There is nothing like motherhood,and maybe you could disagree if you had a mother who wasn’t there for you or was way in love with alcohol or something else that took her attention and love away from you. Again, learn to forgive. I learnt that I am a true die or hard chick thanks to my Mama, and I know for sure that I am the type to stick around no matter what in this life especially when I know I am needed. I look forward to being a mom one day, not yet, I mean, I need my Degree first (shout out to those who are mothers and doing well on their own as well. I respect you!)

  • take risks

No explanation needed. Just breathe, and take risks (beneficial ones by the way). Otherwise

Stay royale




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  1. Im loving your new format, or layout what ever its called, its soooooooo beautifill with double l

    1. Thank you so much. i appreciate the feedback 🙂

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