Drunk Texting

Once in a  while I am a full time feminist, and the next I am completely obsessed with men. Almost like the real life version of Bridget Jones,a much better dressing one that is.My last drinking experience, yes this summer I have been taking one too many shots, and I thought I would escape the whole ‘Uni experience’, but I have fallen victim! That was some 2 weeks ago, and I have been ‘uni experience’ clean since then, I hope I can survive summer as well, and get back to my partially normal life afterwards.

The sad part is that it wasn’t even drunk texting, it was actually drunk calling, then drunk texting, theeen drunk blocking him on facebook, and now the shame is still hanging above like a little cloud and I can’t unblock him. Of course,the victim is a guy that I was crazy about, and probably still slightly crazy about. I have used the word ‘slightly’ because I am unsure he still feels a single thing for me, and out of reflex I have to start doing the same.Despite the drunken stunt, I am a sudden believer that if a girl texts a girl or calls him(or does all of those and blocks him as well on facebook), then he should realise that she is a keeper. If only someone could tell him that.

The worst part is that everyone is telling me to just move on from him. Haha,we weren’t going out so I don’t think the word ‘move on’ is the right one in the first place, but you get the point, I hope. For someone who is working for summer, I have met some really great guys, let me overemphasize that ,REAAALYY great guys, but I still have that little part of me that’s holding on to this one. No, it’s not the vodka talking, or the shots or whatever you think I am taking, I did mention I’ve been clean for more than 2 weeks now, right? 

Originally I don’t even touch anything alcoholic, it’s this summer job and that whole feeling of being a real victim of the Uni experience. I am still adapting to having fallen victim to that one. When he confronted me about it, yes, people love to confront each other in this generation, I hate that when I am being the one confronted. So, he confronted me, and jinx, he was drunk. You must be thinking that if we actually do ever go out, we will be some sort of drunk couple.For now I reserve my right to be silent on that one. When he confronted me I told him he should be bloody grateful my brain was not functioning properly and yet he was on my mind. BEST LINE EVER! We sort of made up, although now all hopes of ever making him a boyfriend have gone down the drain,along with the tequilla and the Bombay gin. 

Here’s to me drinking water and soda.

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